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  1. got a couple quick questions I was hoping you could answer
    the first is easy…ive got #1 pick in a 12 team ppr snake draft…I could trade out and take the 9th pick..would you trade or stay at 1?
    if you stay at one would you draft a brown or bell? the reason I was leaning brown is bc I think guys like hill and forsett will be there when I pick again
    my league is 2 wr 2 rb and flex I also have g tate as my keeper from last year (6th round or later keeper league)
    so if I went brown I could prob get 2 rb like hill and forsett
    if I were to take bell I don’t think I could get a top wr I think the best available could be sanders or d hop..

    or would you just trade to 9

    • If it were me I would trade to get the ninth pick. You will have a better opportunity to see how the draft unfolds and will have more information to make an informed decision. You have to wait a long time before you get another pick in the draft at the 1 spot, and a lot can happen in that time. I’m not a fan of drafting a wide receiver with the first pick in any format, but I wouldn’t want to have to rely too heavily on Tate. That’s where drafting with the ninth pick will help you, though. You can see exactly what goes down early on and make a judgement call from there. If everyone in your league values wide receivers were heavily, you can find some deals like you mentioned with Forsett and Hill. So basically the ninth spot gives you more options as to where you have to be more reactive to what happens with the first pick. Please feel free to hit me back with any more questions.

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