94 Point Strategy

2014 Analysis

My teams didn’t have great records using this strategy, but I did bring home a championship with one of the teams. I think the concept is solid, and I will draft more teams using this strategy to try and gain more data on how well it works.

Read below to see the results, as well as what the strategy involves.


2013 Results

Team 1- 6-7 (Did Not Make Playoffs)

Team 2- 8-4-1 (Made Playoffs), Won Championship 

Roster For Championship Game

Nick Foles

DeMarco Murray

Knowshon Moreno

T.Y. Hilton

Michael Crabtree

Jimmy Graham

Maurice Jones-Drew


Steven Hauschka

Team 3- 4-9 (Did Not Make Playoffs) 


The 94 Point Strategy is based off of Matthew Berry’s article on ESPN. Most teams that score at least 94 points each week will make it into the playoffs. You can accumulate these points through your players in a variety of ways, but the main objective is to get a starting team that can get you 94 points each week.

To do this you use projections from ESPN, CBS, or any other site you like, and then you divide those projections by the number of fantasy games your players have. I know that the players have a bye week, but I still divide their projections by 16 games to see what they should do throughout the season if they didn’t have a bye week.

To show you an example, Adrian Peterson is projected to have 279 points for the season on the projections for ESPN. If you divide 279/16, you have 17.43. This means that if Adrian Peterson played 16 games, he is projected to score about 17 fantasy points a games. If you compare him to Arian Foster who is projected to have 261 fantasy points for the season and divide his projection by 16, he is projected to have 16.31 points for a 16 game season. Choosing your fantasy elite often times is just about splitting hairs and personal preference, but this helps in the middle of the draft and can help you plan out your roster.

I have drafted three teams like this(one team I was only able to have a total of 92 points projected, and sometimes that is how your draft will go, but you can still use the basic theory because your team isn’t going to get you exactly 94 points each week), and here is one of those teams and their weekly point projections.

QB-Andrew Luck(17 weekly points projected)

RB- Adrian Peterson(17 weekly points projected)

RB-MJD(17 weekly points projected)

WR-Steve Smith(8 weekly points projected)

WR- Tavon Austin(7 weekly points projected)

FLEX- DeMarco Murray(9 weekly points projected)

TE- Jimmy Graham(10 weekly points projected)

D- Rams(8 points projected)

K- Steven Hauschka(8 points projected)

So that is one of my three 94 point strategy teams that I will be covering throughout the season. Whatever strategy you use, make sure that YOU like YOUR team. It is ok to ask for advice and research other people’s opinions, but at the end of the day this is supposed to be a game of fun and you should be happy with the people you drafted.



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