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Your Fantasy Football Coach is looking for a select amount of writers to contribute to the site for the 2016 season.

Please look at the style of the writing for the site before submitting a query. Newer writers tend to think that Fantasy Football sites are flooded with too many facts, so they seem to think focusing on humor will make them stand out.

That certainly is an approach a lot of writers will first take, but that’s not what Your Fantasy Football Coach focuses on. We focus on stats to support our points, as well as just plain common sense.

It’s okay if you have never published an article, but you will have to submit samples.

What You Get Out Of Writing For Your Fantasy Football Coach

I think you’ll find that we have a really supportive group of writers. Since writing for the site, two of our writers have received various paid opportunities.

One of our writers also published her very first ebook in 2015, which we helped promote.

Our writers also get to enter The Scott Fish Bowl, the largest Fantasy Football tournament in the industry. If you want to get in outside of writing for a site, you have to join a wait list.

Since starting the blog, Jack has also received various paid opportunities through two different Fantasy Football sites and one Fantasy Football service.

If you like the site and think it sounds like a good fit, please use the contact form below.

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