All Bye Week Strategy

5-8   *Record as of Week 13* Did Not Make Playoffs

There has been a theory that if you picked a team on the basis that they all had a bye week the same week, you would loose your bye week but you may arguably be able to win all your other games. I wouldn’t personally recommend this strategy, but I joined a free league and picked a team based on this idea because I am extremely curious to see how it works out.

If you choose to try this strategy, make sure to pick a bye week that has several players that you like. The Patriots have a bye in week 10, so if you like Patriot players than picking players who have a bye in week 10 would be a good place to start. I had the fourth overall pick and I really like Ray Rice at that spot, so I based my picks on that. This is what my starters ended up looking like at the end of the draft.

QB Matt Schaub, Hou QB      
RB Ray Rice, Bal RB    
RB Matt Forte, Chi RB  
WR Torrey Smith, Bal WR  P  
WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR  
TE Owen Daniels, Hou TE  
FLEX Chris Johnson, Ten RB  
D/ST Ravens D/ST D/ST Thu 8:30 15 113 7.1 2nd 50.0 70.0 -1.2
K Randy Bullock, Hou K Mon 10:15

I think my wide receivers are a little weak as starters, but I feel very confident about my running backs. I will give a weekly update on how this team does.

Captain Jack

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