What makes a person a “fantasy football expert”? Some radio hosts and columnists will have access to attend training camps, player interviews, larger resources for stats and projections, and may have years of experience to help them identify trends. When they have the fourth pick in the first round though, they are going with their gut. Sure, Ray Rice may have better stats and be more reliable then Jamaal Charles or C.J. Spiller, but what if you have that gut feeling that Jamaal Charles is going to end up as the highest scoring running back this year under Andy Reid? No matter what other people tell you or what the stats may look like, the most successful people in life will tell you that they believed in their own decisions and listened to their gut. Why should fantasy be any different?

I have been playing fantasy football for almost ten years, and I wanted to create a blog that showed my ups and downs in the wonderful world of fantasy football. I love Matthew Berry and it is great to listen and follow the advice of those in the business, but I wanted to show my fantasy football season through the eyes of a regular guy. The flip side of following an expert is the amateur who doesn’t really offer anything. If anyone wants to make a blog about fantasy football they most certainly should, but just reading over how Matt Ryan screwed you over by getting 19 points instead of 20 isn’t really expanding the wealth of knowledge of fantasy football. I wanted to try and make a website that was somewhere in between.  I wanted to have something that showed a guy who loved fantasy football and took it seriously, but who wasn’t in the business or any kind of expert by any means.

This started out as a blog called Captain Jack’s Fantasy Football, but it has grown in leaps and bounds. It is now Your Fantasy Football Coach today. Enjoy!

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