Week 2: 5 Defensive Sleepers


1. Raiders vs Jaguars: If your team is starting a Quarterback that backs up Blaine Gabbert, do you really think you have much of a chance? In ESPN Standard Scoring leagues the Chiefs put up 23 points against the Jaguars attack last week. Granted, the Chiefs have some better components in their defense, but Jacksonville doesn’t have the offense to do much more than turn the ball over and make mistakes. If MJD is able to get going he could cut into the value of the Raiders D, but there is some good upside with Oakland this week.

2. Eagles vs Chargers: Despite his four touchdowns Monday, Phillip Rivers couldn’t complete half of his passes or throw over 200 yards. Chip Kelly isn’t going to let his first loss of the season by at the Eagle’s home opener. Expect a handful of sacks, a few interceptions, and a potential touchdown out of the Eagle’s defense.

3. Panthers vs Bills: Manuel survived week 1, but the Panthers are a lot more talented on defense than people think. The Panthers held Marshawn Lynch to 43 yards on the ground, and the Bills don’t have the talent that Seattle does. C.J. Spiller is looking for a bounce back week, but the Panthers should be able to handle whatever the Bills throw(or run) at them.

4. Saints vs Tampa Bay: The defense for the Saints still sucks, and they will probably get beat up pretty bad, but something about Josh Freeman is just a little off. He looked a little rusty in the preseason, and he didn’t really do anything to shake that image in his first game. If Doug Martin gets stuffed again, they will be forced to throw it and Freeman will give up some interceptions. This is a far, far reach, but they do have a slim chance of making the top 15 for defenses in week 2.

5. Colts vs Dolphins: The Colts’ defense isn’t that great, but I like this match up in week 2. Mike Wallace let everyone know that he wasn’t happy with amount of targets he was receiving, and I bet that is going to change in week 2. With that being said, normally when you are trying to get someone involved in the game, the Quarterback is too focused on that and misses other plays or forces plays that end up badly. Daniel Thomas is terrible and Lamar Miller looked just as bad in week 1, so if the Dolphins are trying to force the ball to Mike Wallace all day, there will be some points up for grabs for the Colt’s defense.

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