5 Defensive Sleepers Week 3


1. Browns– This is the matchup that is going to prove if the Browns are a legitimate fantasy defense. They are currently fifth in the NFL in rushing yards allowed with an impressive 59.5, but was that because the defense shut down Miami and Baltimore’s running game, or was it more of a lackluster performance from the running backs who just happened to be facing the Browns? We will find out Sunday when the Browns face Mr. Adrian Peterson.

2. Titans– Phillip Rivers has to come back to earth eventually, and I am looking at a Titans’ defense that scored a touchdown on defense last week as the team that is going to do it.

3. Lions– They have four interceptions in two games, and RG3 still doesn’t look like he should be playing. The Lions have given up a large amount of points, but if they can keep that to a minimum and continue with their interceptions, they could have a great payday.

4. Eagles– There will not be a lot of scoring in this game which means that the Eagles defense can keep the same amount of points they started the game with, and they may be able to build upon this. Andy Reid is just one guy who will be facing his former players, but all of Andy Reid’s former players will be facing him. Look for a strong performance from the Eagles this week.

5. Chargers– They give up a ton of points, but if they can force Jake Locker to throw for most of the game, then they actually have a chance to put up some respectable fantasy numbers.

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