Week 5: 5 Sleepers on Defense

Browns– Facing a Buffalo offense that may not have C.J. Spiller or Fred Jackson, this should be a good matchup for a Brown’s defense that has scored 11 points in week 3, and 13 points in week 4 in ESPN standard leagues. With the 9th best pass defense and the 4th best rushing defense, the Brown’s are in line to be a top 5 defense this week.

Saints- If Jay Cutler throws a touchdown, he normally throws an interception (or two) to match it. Matt Forte has looked great this year, and the Saints are currently allowing over 112 rushing yards per game. Their pass defense is ranked 5th however, and that means that Mr.Cutler is in for a tough matchup. The bears may be able to put some points on the board, but they will also have some big turnover opportunities.

Chargers– They have been absolutely awful, but they are playing Oakland. They will either finish the day with 15 fantasy points or -2. If you like to gamble for huge upside, here is your team.

Panthers– Despite a surprising 2-2 record, Arizona is still pretty bad. They at least have consistency with having just one quarterback so far this year, but their ground game is still suffering. With just 78.8 yards rushing per game, the Panthers should be able to contain the Cardinals and create some defensive touchdown opportunities.

Atlanta– I have been really impressed with Geno Smith given the circumstances that he has been placed in, but as long as he continues to throw interceptions, look to play any defense that is facing him. With Santonio Holmes out for the next couple weeks, Smith’s options are limited.

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