Week 5 Sit Start

First off, I want to give my appreciation to Matthew Berry. I have followed his “Love-Hate” list for the past four years, and I never realized how hard it is to write a column like that until I did it in Week 4! Granted, he does get paid to be a fantasy analyst for a living and he has the time to fully by emerged in such things, but I know he has a pretty crazy schedule with his podcast and other obligations. With my 45 hour a week job that pays the bills, I unfortunately do not have the time to create a larger sit-start list such as his. I have however keyed in on players who many people have questions about starting. I am never going to tell you to start Jimmy Graham. That is a waste of both of our time. So without further ado, here is my Sit Start Week 5 column: Let The Big Dog Eat, Cage The Pup.

Let The Big Dog Eat: Quarterback

Eli Manning- I heard an analysis of the Giants that when you are ready to start shoveling the dirt on them, they rise out of their grave. If there is any week that they kick open the coffin, this should be it. When you allow 325 passing yards and 121 rushing yards a game, any offense has a chance to look great against you. Even Alex Smith threw for 273 yards against this defense, and Eli has better weapons and better arm strength than Smith. Even if the Giants can’t find a way to win this game, Eli has the chance to be a top five fantasy quarterback this week.

Cage The Pup: Quarterback

Sam Bradford– The Jaguars have played the Chiefs, Seattle, and The Colts, and Jacksonville still somehow has the 11th best pass defense in the NFL. While we can actually see the strides that the teams like the Chiefs and Dolphins are making, all the hype that surrounded this great new offense that the Rams had has resulted in a 1-3 record. They aren’t quite sure how to use Tavon Austin, Jared Cook is being double covered, and now the question needs to be asked: Is Sam Bradford just not good? Much like an 8am tailgate for a 7pm game, this is going to be sloppy. Bradford may be able to put up points just for the sheer fact they will have to throw the ball to get any type of offense going, but I except a few interceptions and a low score.

Let The Big Dog Eat: Running Back

Maurice Jones Drew- Much like the Giants, if Jones is ever going to show up, it will be this week. Their rushing defense is ranked 30th, allowing 133 yards a game and have allowed at least one rushing touchdown in the last three games. He should finish the day with at least 60 yards and a rushing touchdown.

Cage The Pup: Running Back

Trent Richardson– Hate the matchup. He has a high projection because of his touchdowns in week three and four, but both of his touchdowns were scored from the 1 yard line. Until he has some more time to get in sync with the offense, Richardson has the Kyle Rudolph syndrome of only having relevance if he scores a touchdown.

Let The Big Dog Eat: Wide Receiver

Steve Smith–  8 targets in Week 1, 11 targets in Week 2, and with 7 targets in week 3, Smith should have plenty of chances against the Cardinal’s 20th pass defense who have allowed 266 pass yards a game. Even though he only has 1 touchdown so far, look for that to change in Week 5.

Cage The Pup: Wide Receiver

Dwayne Bowe- Did you know the Titans were 3-1? They have a top ten pass defense and a top 15 rush defense, and Bowe is lumped into the Kyle Rudolph category. Although he normally has the second highest amount of targets on the team behind Jamaal Charles, he simply will not receive the yards to make him fantasy relevant, and you will be forced to hope for a touchdown for him to have a relevant fantasy day in a standard scoring league.

Let The Big Dog Eat: Tight End

Charles Clay- I am a little bit biased since he did win me a game in one of my leagues in Week 4 with his touchdown and  42 yards, but I think Clay is quickly becoming a safety blanket for Tannehill. He has 5, 5, 4, and 6 receptions throughout the season, and he continues to put up decent numbers. Clay is still only owned in 24% of ESPN leagues, but look for that number to increase if he has another strong performance against the Ravens.

Cage The Pup: Any Cincinnati Tight End

Jermaine Gresham has the second most receptions behind A.J. Green, but he is only averaging 45.3 yards a game and does not have a touchdown. Tyler Eifert is averaging 39.8 yards a game, and he joins his buddy Gresham with zero touchdowns. You can’t consider starting either of these guys unless you are in some crazy 22 team league, which I assume you are not.

Let The Big Dog Eat: Defense

St. Louis- Anyone facing the Jaguars is a must start.

Cage The Pup: Defense

Eagles- I just wanted to see if you were paying attention.

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