Jimmy Graham Plantar Fasciitis

While my medical degree is mostly fictitious and my medical expertise made up, I was interested in learning more about Jimmy Graham’s injury and what the impact may be for his future fantasy production.

WebMD gives a nice and easy explanation of what the injury is. ” Plantar fasciitis occurs when the long, flat ligament on the bottom of the foot (plantar fascia) stretches irregularly and develops small tears that may cause the ligament to become inflamed. It causes heel pain, which can become long-lasting.” WebMD also goes on to state that it may take several months for the individual to be pain free, and the best remedy is normally to rest it. What this tells me is that Graham will be pretty much playing with a large amount of pain for the rest of the season, and even when he is playing he will most likely be on the field less than he normally is.

At this point, I think the best strategy is to try and trade Graham. If he injuries himself more severely, he will most likely be out for the entire season and you won’t be able to get anyone for him. I would target someone who has a decent tight end, and also grab a wide receiver or running back from them as well. Can you get a Eddie Lacy and Martellus Bennett for Graham? Are you comfortable picking up Charles Clay and trying to get a Dez Bryant and Torrey Smith for Graham? There are a lot of options out there. The majority of fantasy players will want Graham for his namesake alone, and they will not be concerned with his injury because of his two touchdowns last week, even though he only had 3 targets.

This is where you have to sit back, look at your fantasy matchups in the next couple of weeks and figure out if you think Jimmy Graham has enough upside to stay on your team. Choose wisely my friends.

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