Trent Richardson Misses Practice


Fantasy owners are hopeing into existence the idea that Trent Richardson will warrant the first, second, and third round picks that people spent on him in his Week 10 matchup against the Rams. To rain on their parade even more, Richardson missed Wednesday’s practice on 11/6/2013. Colt’s coach Chuck Pagano did not relay much more information on the situation, which some are interpreting as not being a major issue. He has been struggling  the entire season being healthy, so do you really want to start him if he has some sort of lingering ankle injury?

Those who drafted Richardson(myself included), are stuck in an unfavorable situation. If Richardson were putting up Gio Bernard numbers with poor fantasy games and then a few great ones, those who already have a clear shot into the playoffs would be able to take the risk on him. If he was performing like Fred Jackson and getting you at least ten points each week like clock work, you may be disappointed but still have a flex spot for him. Unfortunately, this aren’t the scenarios that Trent Richardson has put himself in. Since Week 5, it seems that 5 is his favorite number. In ESPN standard scoring leagues, Richardson has scored 5 points, 5 points, 1 point, and 5 points. When Vic Ballard was initially hurt, I pleaded and begged people not to pick up and start Donald Brown. I have an article earlier in the season about how Brown has had his chance as a starter, and never did anything to take the title as the Colt’s featured back. With 17 carries in two weeks, Brown is cutting in Richardson’s opportunities. Again, there is no reason to rush out and get Brown, but he may up getting more fantasy points on the ground than Richardson.

I personally am only going to give Richardson one more chance. If he has a huge game or just a decent game, I am GETTING RID OF HIM! I am going to target a Darren McFadden or Darren Sproles owner and see what I can do. If he has another stinker, I am going to have Shonn Greene, Mike James, Andre Brown, and Jonathan Stewart eyed up for Richardson’s spot.

Much like life, fantasy football isn’t what happens to you, it is how you respond to what happens to you. Be proactive and control your team instead of being reactive and being forced to make a decision.

Captain Jack

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