Ravens vs Bengals Running Game Review: Fantasy Outlook


I hope you started Gio Bernard and sat Ray Rice. Rice has now created a huge dilemma for fantasy owners. He is past the point of being able to trade him because what could you possibly get for him? All that is left to make it to the fantasy playoffs is Week 11, 12, and 13, so you have to decide whether you are just going to ride it out with him on your bench or you are going to drop him. I just don’t think there is anyway you can start him at this point. The Ravens will face the Bears, Jets, and Pittsburgh in the next three weeks, and none of those games look like particularly strong matchups for Rice. He had 18 rushes, so it isn’t like he isn’t getting chances, but his thirty yards rushing are not helping your fantasy team. On the flip side, Gio Bernard ran well and anytime he gets room, watch out. Even with a rib injury, Gio ran hard and finished the day with 58 yards rushing and 37 receiving yards with a touchdown, Bernard looks like he has earned a starting spot on your team going forward. With Andy Dalton struggling, the Bengals may increase the workload for their runners.

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