Bobby Rainey Week 11


So after Mike James had his season ending injury, I did not want any part of Bobby Rainey or Brian Leonard. I know the hype machine would go crazy for these guys without much merit. Bobby Rainey was cut by both the Ravens and Browns this year, and Brian Leonard has bounced around from team to team without really finding his niche. Combine that with a rookie quarterback and a struggling team, there wasn’t much of a reason to pay these backs any mind. Of course Rainey decides to go off for 163 rushing yards for two touchdowns and two catches for 4 yards and a touchdown. He almost had a fourth in the game, and I decided that this would be the first game that first game that I watched for Monday.

Rainey looked absolutely explosive, and at times the cameras had a hard time keeping track of him when he was in a group of defenders. Rainey was helped out that the Atlanta defense had a really hard time tackling anyone, but Rainey also had some great blocking and holes created from the Oline. I did see that he missed a block or two, and that could become an issue for quarterback Mike Glennon down the road. Rainey also took a direct snap that he tried to throw with his best quarterback impression, so the Bucs seem to have a lot of plans for Rainey.

One good point I heard about Rainey today is that he is pretty fresh compared to the rest of the NFL’s starting running backs, and that may help to give him an edge in the next couple weeks. Rainey looks like the Bryce Brown of last year, and though a repeat performance is probably not in the books, I am jumping on the Rainey band wagon.

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