Percy Harvin: Is He Worth The Wait?



Apparently 46.3% of ESPN fantasy players think so. Many fantasy owners hope that Harvin will be that gem that they can plug into their flex position and get them 20-25 points, but Harvin’s scratch from Monday nights game against the Saints has most owners questioning if Harvin is still in too much pain to play. Harvin may still be more hurt than he is letting on, and he probably isn’t in playing shape, but with a huge victory of the Saints the Seahawks do not even look like they need to have him on the field. I think that they are most likely trying to have him fully rested and ready to go for the playoffs as he is an electric player and can provide them with a spark with returns and in the passing game.

Like I have mentioned in previous articles, if you are looking for a Seahawk wide receiver to start, take a look at Doug Baldwin. Only owned in 14.7% of leagues, since Week 9 Baldwin has scored standard league fantasy points of 13, 7, 12, and 13. If you are looking for someone who ha scored an average of 11.5 points since Week 9, Baldwin is a nice start.

While it seems like almost half the fantasy world is hanging on to Percy, I would join the other half and let him go.

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  1. I second that sentiment in this article, Cap’in. Harvin is a ‘dump’, and Doug Baldwin is consistent points, with some uptrending happening now.

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