Fantasy Football Week 15: Waiver Wire Quarterbacks


You could have been starting Josh McCown, or you might have been asking Santa for Aaron Rodgers to return all December long, but you are finding yourself looking to the waiver wire for quarterbacks in Week 15. Fear not, as Kristina Bravo searches high and low on the waiver wire to help find you a starting quarterback.

Week 15 Quarterback Solutions-Kristina Bravo

If playoffs are on your mind and you still held out hope for Aaron Rodgers or Robert Griffin III to produce for you in the second half, you’re likely a little panicked about your Quarterback situation heading into Week 15.  Despite your bad luck, there is still hope for some late pick-ups on the waiver that can help you score some respectable points at Quarterback.  If you’re not confident about your QB on the bench or looking for a better match up, try these guys out:

1) Jay Cutler (Chicago): With Josh McCown taking over this season, you may still be able to find Cutler on the waiver (also floating around 50% taken in leagues).  If so, pick him up.  He’s got a deceptively tough task with the Browns defense, but Alshon Jeffery is producing big time catches with less than accurate passes and can benefit from Cutler’s slightly better arm, and Brandon Marshall  has always been Jay Cutler’s go to man.  Also to consider, Martellius Bennett has be somewhat quiet since McCown took over, but when Cutler was throwing to him he received 3 of his 5 touchdowns this season and added another big target.  His return should prove solid for fantasy owners.

2) Jason Campbell (Cleveland): The Browns might not be fighting for the playoffs l\ike their opponents, but Josh Gordon and Jason Cameron are offering Campbell some powerful options to throw at.  Gordon has brought in 8 touchdowns so far and Cameron adds another 7, while Campbell himself has 9 touchdowns in his shortened season so far.  The Chicago Bears will have their hands full with these two, and could give Campbell a good day at home.

3) Kirk Cousins (Washington): The Washington Redskins will probably suffer some similar issues RGIII did with their offensive line, but arguably one of the better backups in the league has the stroke of good luck going up against the struggling Atlanta Falcons this week.  Atlanta is 20th in passing yards allowed, and 29th in points allowed.  Cousins isn’t in a QB contest, but a solid performance against the Falcons may get the whispers started for the young quarterback around the league.

4) Andy Dalton (Cincinnati):  Dalton is always a gamble, but another starting QB only 49% owned could stand to have a solid day against division rivals Pittsburgh.  Despite a slump midseason, Dalton seems to be more or less back on track. He had 30 points last week against Indianapolis, almost tying his season high.  Looking to clinch the division in Pittsburgh, he is a gamble with his trigger happy tendencies, but could yield high rewards with passes to a solid receiving core.

5) Joe Flacco (Baltimore):  Only somewhat surprisingly, has only slightly over 50% of leagues owning the former Super Bowl MVP.  Considering his performance this season it’s not entirely suprising, but now might be the time to snatch him up if he’s free in your league.  Fighting for the playoffs against the Detroit Lions isn’t a small task (in the last two games they’ve only allowed 1 passing touchdown); however he just got back Tight End Dennis Pitta, his favorite target last season and a welcome added dynamic last week. Flacco may see a resurgence in these final weeks before the playoffs.

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