Fantasy Football Focus: Eddie Lacy without Aaron Rodgers


Much like the article I wrote on Matt Forte and how his numbers were effected by having Cutler or McCown as his quarterback, I wanted to see what Eddie Lacys numbers looked at with the different quarterbacks he has had this season. While Lacy isn’t really known for his pass catching like Forte, I still thought that the numbers would be worth analyzing.

I included Lacys’ targets instead of his catches to try and average the opportunities he would get to catch the ball each game.

Under Aaron Rodgers(Average Per Game)

22.20 rushing attempts

87.2 rushing yards

2.8 passing targets

15.6 receiving yards 

Under Other Quarterbacks(Average Per Game)

19.28 rushing attempts

83.14 rushing yards

3.4 passing targets

22.57 receiving yards 

The numbers here aren’t as drastic as Forte’s difference between his quarterbacks, and the smaller amount of rushing yards and attempts may account for the Packers saying for a few weeks that they wanted to limit Lacy and his touches. What is important to notice though is that Lacy is seeing an increase of almost 7 more passing yards a game, and he is seeing an increase in his passing targets as well. These stats may also help fantasy owners next year, as one of the production factors for running backs in fantasy football today seems to be their involvement in the passing game. I think this is important to note because fantasy owners may overreach for Lacy next year. I think he is talented, and I think he would be a great flex option, but I wouldn’t want to go earlier than the 4th round drafting Lacy, especially with his Marion Barber type running style(aka he just tries to run over people trying to tackle him).

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