2014 Blog Motivation


“The Death Cycle: Day in and day out, you get up before dawn to make a grueling commute to a dingy building, where you spend eight, nine, or ten hours a day working at a job that doesn’t fulfill you, doesn’t exhibit your talents, and makes you dread each moment you have to spend thinking about it. By the time you get home to your family, you are too drained to enjoy their company and too tired from thinking of the day of drudgery ahead to make the most of your free time. How do you break out of it? The first step is to figure out what motivates you.” Ryan Blair- Multimillionaire entrepreneur

The most exciting concept for a new year is the endless possibilities that can present themselves. Everyone starts off the year motivated to branch out and try new things, but most people unfortunately do not continue on with their new commitments for a variety of reasons, and end up exactly where they started. Some of the biggest reasons why people fail are focus and time management, but realizing what motivates you will help you get started with what you are trying to accomplish.

If you are looking into creating a blog, why do you want to start one? Are you looking for an outlet to express yourself? Do thoughts of becoming famous motivate you? Is there a specialty niche out there that you think you can help others discover? Are you an expert at something and want to find solutions for people who need guidance? When you have the why of doing something, the how becomes easier. You need to have a clear intention to yourself of why you are starting a blog. When you have the intention in front of you, you will be able to shape your goals.

Most people will say that they don’t have time, they are too busy with work, what if nobody reads things I write, it seems too difficult, I’m not good with computers, etc, etc, etc. These people have not identified their motivational factor. Throughout my early twenties, I had started several online presences that did not pan out. I tried everything from career advice to fantasy football, but I would always give up on them within a few months. Before the fantasy football season began in September of 2013, I saw many internet forums and people calling into radio shows who seemed to have made crucial errors when they drafted their teams. I heard callers who said they had drafted three defenses, two kickers, four quarterbacks, and all sorts of craziness. This at least seemed to me to be a case of fantasy football players being misinformed on how to play, and these owners often seemed to be the same people who lose every year but do not understand why. I wanted to not only help these owners out, but I wanted to help newer players who were just learning the game. Despite having to work 45 hours a week, a rambunctious Beagle, and everything else that is involved with life, I created my blog dedicated to different draft strategies and I stuck with it! My motivation of helping others helped me to stay focused and forced me to stay consistent with my articles and postings. No, I do not have millions of followers or people flooding my twitter account with questions like an ESPN analyst, but people have messaged me and told me how my advice has helped them throughout the season. If I only helped one fantasy football owner through the blog I started, then I would still consider that a huge success. The blog has now become a website, and I am excited for the possibilities of 2014.

Whether you want to start a blog, lose weight, read more, travel, or make new friends, realize that you are able to do it. You have to stay committed, remain focused, and take time to analyze yourself and what drives you. Don’t let your current or past circumstances hold you back.

I hope 2014 has had a great start for you, and don’t just sit back and wait for things to happen. Make them happen!


Jack Delaney

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