Under The Radar Fantasy Football Wide Receivers To Draft In 2014

It is never too early to start planning on players to draft for the next season, so here are a few wide receivers that you should be able to pick up in the later rounds of your draft that could finish the 2014 season as a top 20 wide out.

1. Kendall Wright(Tennessee Titans)– Kendall Wright finished the 2013 season with over 1,000 receiving yards, 94 receptions, and tied for 29th in standard scoring leagues for wide receivers. The lack of touchdowns(2) kept Kendall a quiet name for the average fantasy player, but he was a pretty solid start in PPR leagues. He averaged 67.4 yards a game this past season, and Wright had 50 or more receiving yards in 13 out of 16 games. It is unclear who will be throwing the ball in Tennessee next year, but if Wright can remain consistent with his receiving yards and add a few more touchdowns, he could be a top 20 wide receiver.

2. Michael Floyd(Arizona Cardinals)– Floyd had similar stats compared to Wright, but he finished the year with 5 receiving touchdowns and a 23rd finish for receivers in standard scoring leagues. Floyd had much more up and downs compared to Wright, but Floyd looks like he could have an even stronger season in 2014 with Larry Fitzgerald aging(and potentially not on the team) and Carson Palmer more comfortable with the Cardinal offense.

3. Cordarrelle Patterson(Minnesota Vikings)– Patterson finished the year ranked 35th at wide receiver, but he is a great talent to acquire for fantasy owners because of his versatility. Cordarrelle finished the 2013 season with 469 receiving yards, 4 receiving touchdowns, 158 rushing yards, and 3 rushing touchdowns. He also had 2 touchdowns on kick returns, and if the Vikings get an upgrade at quarterback, Patterson could be one of the sneakiest candidates to finish in the top ten at wide receiver next year.

4. Julian Edelman(New England Patriots)– Edelman will be a free agent at the end of the year, but with the Patriots having consistency issues in their receiving core, Edelman proved that he was a reliable option. Ranking 18th overall among wide receivers, Edelman finished the regular season with 1,056 receiving yards and 6 receiving touchdowns.

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  1. Yes, all of these are good picks. I especially like Patterson’s abilities–and he should be available at value. I see him as a game changer and coordinators will find clever ways to get him touches.

  2. I think I would add Terrance Williams to this list from Dallas. With Austin more than likely gone, he should be in for a big role opposite Dez. What about Wheaton if Sanders moves in free agency?

  3. Terrance Williams is another guy to watch out for and someone I wouldn’t mind picking up in the last few rounds

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