How To Reach Your Goals


Step 1. State Exactly what you want by a number or value you can monitor and review

Step 2. Figure Out how to get it by stating action plans

Step 3. Get It.

If you tried to start a fantasy football blog this past year but failed, did you list what your goals were? Your vision may be to have a blog or website that is bought by CBS, but how are you going to get there? A clearly defined list of realistic goals with action plans will help get you to where you want to be.

This example should make everything a little clearer on what I mean. Billy just started a fantasy football blog and he has some very interesting viewpoints and statistics in his articles. Billy decides that he wants to have a lot of traffic coming to his blog like anyone who starts a blog does, but by the end of the year, Billy doesn’t feel happy or accomplished. Some weeks he had a large amount of views, but other weeks he didn’t. His articles were very will written, but sometimes people didn’t read them at all. Billy isn’t sure whether or not he wants to write next year.

Here is what Billy should have done. He needed to define “I want a lot of traffic” into a goal. How many people do you want to visit your blog or website? In what time frame are you trying to gain views? How are you going to get these views? If Billy stated exactly what he wanted, he would have been able to review his performance to see if he reached his goal.He should have written out his goals like in the format below.

2013 Goals For Billy

1. Gain 75,000 views on my blog between August 1st and January 1st

75,000 views/ 20 weeks = 3,750 views a week. This means I will need at least 535 views a day to make my goal.

In order to reach my goal, I will build my fan base by interacting with people on websites, message boards, and social media sites. I will post my articles on Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus, and other social media outlets. I will make sure that all of my tag words are relevant for search engines, and I will make sure that I am using search engine optimization to help my articles reach my intended audience.

Yes, this is a lofty goal for a new blogger, but when it is presented in this way, you know exactly the numbers you need to hit to reach your goal. As Walter Johnson once said, “You can’t hit what you don’t see”. Not only are the numbers presented in a clearly defined manner, but the action plans in order to reach those numbers are clearly defined as well. You could and should break down these action plans down even further by deciding on how many hours each day you plan to interact with fantasy football fans online, how much research you are doing on SEO and football news, how quickly you respond to questions or comments, etc.

Make sure you take your time when planning out your goals. It may seem overwhelming at first, but if you plan each goal out properly, it becomes easier to break it down into the numbers or a value you are trying to achieve. You may not reach it though. It happens. When you have your goals written out though, you can review what worked and what didn’t so you know what to continue to do, what to avoid, and new action plans to create.

Whether you just started a blog or website, or you are a seasoned website owner, what are your goals for your fantasy football site in 2014?

Jack Delaney

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  1. Good post Jack. Part process of the deciding how many hours to interact online is understanding how best to invest your time. I think it is important to figure out which activities are enjoyable and give you the best visibility.

  2. Good points, trying to do the same thing this year.

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