My 2013 Fantasy Football Networking Review

Business Networking

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Networking is important in any business venue that you enter, but it is one of the most important and overlooked aspects of running a fantasy football website.

When I first started my fantasy football blog, I did not know any website owners or bloggers. I stuck with my blog and continually pumped out articles to a certain level of success. What helped my site really grow, however, was the fact that I offered a weekly Sit/Start challenge to other owners and my blog readers. One of the first people to accept the challenge was Jon Kelly of the Fantasy Football Crew. After Jon kicked my butt for a few weeks, Jim Blews of the Fantasy Football Toolkit also joined in on our battles as well. Not only was I a guest on Jim’s podcast, but Jim really helped me refine my original blog into the beauty of a website that you now see with his book. After working with Jim, I was very honored that Scott Fish of Fantasy Football Oasis invited me to be a participant in his 2014 Fantasy Football Invitational. Another individual to enter the little fantasy football clique that was forming was Rachel Wold of Fantasy Football Chick. I featured an article from Rachel called “Five Fascinating Fantasy Football Facts From 2013“, and I look forward to working with everyone more in the 2014 fantasy season.

You may think of other bloggers and website owners as your competitors, but you are limiting yourself if this is your mindset. Summarizing a 50 Cent quote; If you are the smartest person in your group of friends, then you need to get new friends. I have learned something from everybody I have worked with this past season, and I will continue to work with passionate bloggers and website owners. Not only does working with other people help your website or blog reach new audiences, but you are able to make valuable connections with others who may have access to resources you do not. Every website owner listed above has content strengths that have helped me learn and grow.

You may feel that working with other people in the same community may harm you or isn’t important, but networking is what helps separate successful people from those who aren’t.

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  1. Great post Jack! Those are some really great points made as well. I’m glad we met, had such a great time over the season and I look forward to what the future holds!

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