Men Lie, Women Lie, Pass-Catching Running Backs Don’t!




So if you still think guys like Eddie Lacy and Adrian Peterson dominate fantasy football leagues, you are sadly mistaken my friend. As you can see in the chart below, the running backs who finished as top-20 running running backs in 2013 were able to boost their stats and stay healthy when they were heavily involved in the passing game. You will have anomalies such as Alfred Morris and his 78 receiving yards, but the future of fantasy football involves the backs who can help their quarterbacks beyond little dump offs. As you can see in the chart below, running backs in the top 20 had an average of 381.70 receiving yards and close to two touchdown receptions on the season.


Running Back Receiving Yards Receiving Touchdowns
Jamaal Charles 693 7
LeSean McCoy 539 2
Matt Forte 594 3
Marshawn Lynch 316 2
Knowshon Moreno 548 3
Eddie Lacy 257 0
Adrian Peterson 171 1
Chris Johnson 345 4
DeMarco Murray 350 1
Fred Jackson 387 1
Ryan Matthews 189 1
Reggie Bush 506 3
Frank Gore 141 0
Alfred Morris 78 0
Le’Veon Bell 399 0
Joique Bell 547 0
Zac Stacy 141 1
Giovani Bernard 514 3
Maurice Jones-Drew 314 0
Danny Woodhead 605 6
AVG: 381.70 AVG: 1.9

Backs 21-40, however, had drastically different numbers with an average of 220.9 receiving yards and almost one receiving touchdown on the season.

DeAngelo Williams 333 1
Rashad Jennings 292 0
Pierre Thomas 513 3
Rashard Mendenhall 134 0
Andre Ellington 371 1
Donald Brown 214 2
LeGarrette Blount 38 0
C.J. Spiller 185 0
Stevan Ridley 62 0
Ray Rice 321 0
BenJarvus Green-Ellis 22 0
Steven Jackson 191 1
Ben Tate 140 0
Trent Richardson 316 1
Chris Ivory 10 0
Darren Sproles 604 2
Bilal Powell 272 0
Bobby Rainey 46 1
Lamar Miller 170 0
Mike Tolbert 184 2
220.9 0.7

Granted, backs lower in rankings may not have been on the field as much as those who ranked in the top 20, and they could have also been part of a committee, but could the lack of pass-catching ability lead to a decrease in time spent on the field? If these backs were able to contribute to the passing attack more, could they have found themselves with more opportunities?

I know with early picks in my drafts, I will be targeting pass-catching running backs very heavily.

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