2014 Fantasy Football: 3 Reasons to Draft Mike Wallace

Mike Wallace Dolphins

Image courtesy of Nathan Rupert. Creative Commons License https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0/legalcode

If Mike Wallace wasn’t the playmaker you expected him to be in 2013, I have some stats that will change your mind about drafting the 27-year old receiver in your 2014 fantasy football draft.

I was excited for the improvement of the offensive line for the Miami Dolphins during the offseason, but my optimism has somewhat been deflated. The Dolphins not only took a blow when center Mike Pouncey tore his labrum in OTAs, but quarterback Ryan Tannehill will be without the pass blocking skills of Knowshon Moreno for several weeks. All my optimism hasn’t faded, however, as the talented prospects Ju’Wuan James and Billy Turner should help to prevent their quarterback from laying on the ground as much as he did in 2013.

Tannehill was the most sacked quarterback in the NFL last season, so better protection should mean that he has more time to throw the ball, which should lead to more production for his wide receivers. Now with a year of playing for the Dolphins under his belt and a new offensive coordinator that will know how to use him, Wallace has the makings to once again be a solid fantasy football option.

One of the first positive notes for Wallace on FantasyPros’ matchup calendar, is that he has six games where he will face a defense that ranks in the top eight for ease against wide receivers. He is also not projected to face any of the eight toughest defenses during the season, so he currently has a very friendly schedule. Of course these projections can change once teams start playing and certain defenses perform higher than expected, but there doesn’t appear to be many defenses that will make it hard for Wallace to find success.

From these matchups, you can probably tell where I am going with my second reason for liking Wallace; strength of schedule for wide receivers. The wide receivers for the Dolphins are ranked first for their strength of schedule against its opponents, which means the wide receivers for Miami are projected to have the cushiest games in the entire NFL.

Finally, for wide receiver quality starts, Wallace was a more reliable option than Brian Hartline in 2013, despite the fact that each player had the same amount of fantasy points at the end of the season. Below, a quick breakdown of what is considered a quality start is explained.

In standard scoring leagues, a poor start is considered to be a player scoring less than eight points, a quality start is considered scoring 8 to 13.7 points and great start is considered scoring more than 13.7 points.

Even though Wallace had eight games where he was considered a poor start,he did however produce a total of eight games where he was considered either a quality or a great start. Hartline, on the other hand, had twelve games where he was considered a poor start, and only totaled four games where he was either considered a quality or a great start.

The ADP rankings for fantasyfootballcalculator.com places Wallace being drafted in the sixth round. With a cheap price tag and some positive momentum, Wallace appears to be quite the bargain heading into the 2014 fantasy football season.



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