The 2014 Fish Bowl: Week 4 Results

Fish Bowl 2014 Fantasy Football

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After I drafted my team for the 2014 Fish Bowl, my running back situation looked a bit dreary.

I decided to elect a modified version of the Zero Running Back Strategy for this tournament, where I selected Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown and Julius Thomas as the core of my team. These selections may not seem out of the norm, but in a league where you can start two quarterbacks, this was definitely a risky investment. Just to give you an idea of how heavily valued the quarterback position was in this format, Nick Foles and Cam Newton were third-round picks.

I was falling behind in the race for having featured backs on my team after I selected Thomas, so I added Ryan Mathews in Round 4, and Frank Gore in Round 6 as my RB1 and RB2 respectively. I then built my depth at running back with Maurice Jones-Drew, Christine Michael, Bryce Brown, Charles Sims, BenJarvus Green-Ellis, Jonathan Franklin and Justin Forsett. Most of those backs haven’t even seen the field, and some of them aren’t even playing in the NFL anymore. Luckily my late round investment in Forsett has paid off, and even though I can start up to six backs, I normally stick with just two or three.

My receivers, on the other hand, have allowed me to finish in the top 50 for scoring in the Fish Bowl. In addition to Bryant, Brown and Thomas, I also have Mike Wallace and Kelvin Benjamin providing consistent fantasy success each week. I also drafted Eric Ebron, who seemed to turn a corner with Calvin Johnson injured, and the rookie tight end caught the first touchdown of his NFL career in Week 4. With receptions worth a full point, I knew it was important to load up on receivers who would be heavily involved in their respective offenses.

I had faith that a new system would revitalize Eli Manning, and he was instrumental in my close matchup in Week 4. Along with Colin Kaepernick, these are two quarterbacks I have no trouble rolling out each week going forward. Depending on matchups, I also have Brian Hoyer as a backup, and I also selected Derek Carr in case he had any upside this season.

After three victories, I only need four more to make the playoffs.

If you want to learn more about the Fish Bowl or sign up for next year, click here.

Here were the point totals from my players in Week 4:

Scott Fish Bowl 2014 Results

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