SKYLLZONE Fantasy Football: Week 5 Writers’ Draft Review

SKYLLZONE Week 5 Draft

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Every Thursday, SKYLLZONE writers face each other in a battle of wits to draft the most dominant fantasy football teams possible. My colleagues and guest fan drafted skilfully, but the team I drafted is poised for a Week 5 victory. (You can find the full results of the draft here)

A quarterbacks’ best friend is the Jacksonville Jaguars‘ defense, so I had to have Ben Roethlisberger in my lineup this week. The Jaguars’ defense is currently allowing 320.8 passing yards per game, and with Antonio Brown currently averaging 106.75 receiving yards and 1.25 touchdown catches per game, Big Ben is set up for a huge day.

Luckily I had the first pick in the draft, so I selected Marshawn Lynch with my first pick, and Montee Ball with my second. The Washington Redskins‘ defense is better than most people realize, but that doesn’t matter when Lynch takes the field. Lynch has recorded a touchdown in every game that he has played this season, and he recorded multiple touchdowns in two of his three games.

Ball has disappointed most of his season-long owners, but he is getting the opportunities to find success. Ball has averaged 19 total touches per game this season, and I think the coaching staff will find various ways to work the 23-year old running back into the playbook in Week 5. The Arizona Cardinals‘ rush defense is very stout, but the Cardinals will be forced to focus on shutting Peyton Manning down, which will open things up for Ball.

It looks like Eli Manning has been rejuvenated, and Victor Cruz has posted back-to-back games of 100 or more receiving yards. Cruz should be able to torch the 30th ranked pass defense of the Atlanta Falcons.

In his first game of the season, Wes Welker totaled the second-most receptions for the Denver Broncos in Week 3 against the Seattle Seahawks. He finished the day with six catches for 60 yards, and he proved that he is still a valuable piece of this offense. Any player who catches the ball can go off in this offense, but when Welker was still hanging around in the eighth round, I jumped all over him. I am focusing on Welker’s ability to come up huge when called upon.

Selecting Travis Kelce was a bit of a risk because of his limited body of work, but from what I saw when he faced the New England Patriots, Kelce is a potential star in the making. Alex Smith loves to target running backs and tight ends, and he won’t have much reason to look outside of Kelce and Jamaal Charles going forward. The 24-year old tight end has recorded touchdown catches in the past two games, and even against the San Francisco 49ers, I still like Kelce because of how involved he is becoming in this offense.

For my flex, I wanted to have C.J. Spiller on my team. With Kyle Orton as the new quarterback for the Buffalo Bills, I expect the run game to be relied on heavily to produce any type of offense. Spiller is averaging 15.5 total touches per game, and with those type of opportunities, Spiller is always a candidate for a big game.

I normally don’t draft a defense very early, but I selected the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round. On its own, the Seahawks’ defense could outscore many of my core players. With four interceptions against the New York Giants, I can only drool over what may happen when Kirk Cousins meets the Legion of Boom.

For my kicker, I wanted to draft a player who is going to be in a high-scoring game. Even if the Jaguars are some how able to keep it close, Shaun Suisham should be very busy for the Pittsburgh Steelers this weekend.

Many may consider my pick of Miles Austin a waste, but the shifty veteran has recorded two straight games with touchdowns and six receptions in Week 2 and Week 3. If Jordan Cameron can not play or is limited, Austin is a flex-worthy player. I also like to play two tight ends in my SKYLLZONE matchups as much as possible, and I can sub in Heath Miller for Spiller. Miller recorded 10 receptions for 85 receiving yards and a touchdown catch in Week 4, and he is facing one of the worst defenses in the NFL in Week 5.

So there you have it. If you want to get involved in free SKYLLZONE drafts for your chance to win money, start playing today.

QB- Ben Roethlisberger

RB- Marshawn Lynch

RB- Montee Ball

WR- Victor Cruz

WR- Wes Welker

TE- Travis Kelce

Flex- C.J. Spiller

DEF- Seattle Seahawks

K- Shaun Suisham

Bench- WR Miles Austin

Bench- TE Heath Miller

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