NFL Week 5: Russell Wilson’s Impact in Fantasy Football

If you don’t believe that Russell Wilson is an elite fantasy quarterback, then I don’t know what to tell you.

To avoid sounding like a total hipster, I have thought that Wilson’s name belongs among the Manning’s and Rodgers’ of the football world for a long time, but last night’s record-setting performance against the Washington Redskins on Monday Night Football only solidified that thought further. Wilson looked amazing on the field last night, scrambling around and making plays en route to 323 total offensive yards and three total touchdowns.

Now, there are sure to be naysayers to this argument. One of the biggest arguments against Wilson is that he is more of a game-manager, and that he is a better “NFL” quarterback than he is a fantasy quarterback. While I agree with this statement somewhat, Wilson isn’t who comes to mind when I think of game-managers in the NFL. Brian Hoyer, Carson Palmer, and even Tom Brady are guys that I would consider game-mangers before I would put Russell Wilson in that sentence. Wilson is a dynamic, dual-threat quarterback who knows how to play this game practically mistake free. Through last night’s game, Wilson only has one interception this season. Sure, he may not be throwing for 300 yards every game, but he certainly will not hurt you by throwing three or four interceptions either.

Whatever you think Wilson lacks in the passing game (which I personally don’t think is much), he certainly makes up for on the ground. Through last night, Wilson leads all quarterbacks with 209 yards rushing. Take away last night’s 122-yard game, and he is still in the top six. Wilson also has the ability to extend plays with his legs and allow time for his receivers to get open down field, which leads to longer competitions and scoring plays. While he may not get the opportunity to run as much as someone like Colin Kaepernick(who has 15 more carries than Wilson this year), he will certain find a way to beat you with his legs at some point in the game.

In conclusion, Wilson should be considered an elite quarterback in this league. I don’t know why people haven’t got on board yet, but I’m guessing he made a few fans after last night’s performance. For those of you that wait in your draft to get Wilson, congratulations! You probably are in pretty good shape in your league right now. As far as daily fantasy goes, Wilson should still remain cheap for a couple of weeks, which will allow you to spend at other positions. (Wilson is only $8,400 on FanDuel at the time of me writing this article, only a $100 increase from last week) I can’t wait to see what else Wilson has in store for us this year.

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