Hakeem Nicks: A Review for the 2015 Fantasy Football Season

In 2014, I placed a little more faith in Hakeem Nicks than I should have. With T.Y. Hilton, Reggie Wayne and Nicks in the lineup and a questionable rushing attack, I thought Andrew Luck would finish each game with a minimum of 400 passing yards. That never really happened, as Wayne suffered through injuries and Nicks just faded away.

Nicks is a few years removed from his 2011 season of 1,192 receiving yards and seven touchdowns, but he just turned 27 in January. In terms of Fantasy Football production, a receiver actually reaches his peak between age 26-28. The 27-year old receiver visited the San Francisco 49ers, but did not leave with a deal. Nicks recently had a meeting with the Tennessee Titans, but it still does not look like he has found a home in 2015.

If Nicks does sign with the Titans, he will join the crowded receiver core of Kendall Wright, Justin Hunter and recent signee Harry Douglas. Tight end Delanie Walker is also a major player in the passing attack. Aside from a crowded group of receivers, the quarterback spot is also shaky for the Titans. The brass are still deciding how much faith they wants to put in second-year player signal caller Zach Mettenberger. Signing with the Titans, I think Nicks would finish with the same type of numbers as he did in 2014 with the Indianapolis Colts, which was 405 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

Is there any light for Nicks at the end of the tunnel? Can he find Fantasy Football relevancy in 2015, or will he start to fade into obscurity? If he is signed, it will most likely be with a team who just needs a warm body on the field. That doesn’t mean he can’t retain some value, as he could find himself on a decent roster. Unfortunately, this most likely means that Nicks will need someone to become injured before he receives a major role in an offense, or overly impress the staff to earn enough opportunities to become Fantasy relevant.

NFL fans and Fantasy Football fans are still highly interested in Nicks, as he’s not only been one of the highest searched players on RotoWorld.com for the last seven days, but he is also currently trending as well.

Without having an exact team to speculate his success with, it’s hard to gauge Nick’s outlook. Since so few teams have actively pursued him, that does help to create the general impression that his best days may be behind him. Still, there will be plenty of fodder if he does land with a new team, and plenty of analysis for what it means.

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  1. Still wondering why the Eagles wouldn’t pursue Crabtree or Nicks..?

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