2015 Fantasy Football: Hakeem Nicks Signs with the Tennessee Titans

Wide receiver Hakeem Nicks will now call Tennessee home for the 2015 NFL season.

Even though it seems like he has been in the league forever, Nicks just turned 27 in January. Although his Fantasy outlook was promising at that start of the 2014, he was never able to build a rapport with Andrew Luck. Nicks finished the 2014 season with 38 receptions for 405 receiving yards and four touchdowns.

What the Hakeem Nicks Signing Means

At least for me, the addition of Nicks signifies a cheap attempt of trying to add weapons for Zach Mettenberger. I think it makes sense for Tennessee to try and land Jameis Winston or Marcus Mariota, but that doesn’t seem to be in the cards. I think the Oakland Raiders made a similar attempt by signing James Jones and Maurice Jones-Drew last season, and that experiment ended with less than 700 receiving yards for Jones, and Jones-Drew retiring at the end of the season. Harry Douglas and Anthony Fasano were brought in as warm bodies for whoever is playing quarterback in 2015. This doesn’t translate to a developmental interest in the quarterback for Tennessee, which is why I believe the Titans will pass on a quarterback in the 2015 NFL Draft. I’m still not ruling out the possibility of a crazy trade where the Titans land Jay Cutler or Sam Bradford, but I don’t think the organization will address the quarterback situation through the 2015 NFL Draft.

Hakeem Nicks and the Tennessee Titans

In terms of competition within the Titans’ wide receiver group, Nicks will have a hard time providing for Fantasy Football players. If he couldn’t really get it done with Luck, I’m not sure how things could improve with Mettenberger. But with that being said, here is a look at his competition for targets.

  • Kendall Wright– It would be interesting to see what Wright’s development may have looked like with a different organization. He hauled in 94 receptions for 1,079 yards in 2013, but he only caught two touchdowns. Due partially to quarterback play, he took a major step back in 2014 and only caught 57 passes for 715 yards. While a reliable option, he has never been know for being a playmaker. The Titans plan to exercise Wright’s fifth-year option, so that tells me the organization still has plans to develop its first-round pick from 2012.
  • Justin Hunter– Hunter was a favorite to breakout among some Fantasy Football analysts, but with a rotating cast of quarterbacks, it was hard for the 23-year old receiver to find relevancy. Hunter is a nice combination of size and speed, and actually tied for the highest vertical in the 2013 NFL Combine. With only 46 receptions, Fantasy Football fans just haven’t seen enough of him to give him a roster spot. Even with a limited amount of receptions, however, 22% of Hunter’s receptions in 2013 were for touchdowns, and he has averaged 18.75 yards per catch in the past two seasons. I would love to see what he can do with more playing time, but he also needs a more consistent quarterback who can utilize his abilities.
  • Delanie Walker– He led the Titans in receptions and receiving yards in 2014, and as a 248-pound tight end, Walker provides a big target for a quarterback in trouble. Walker was second in touchdown catches last season, and I don’t think he will lose that role anytime soon.
  • Harry Douglas– The only time you ever played Douglas in your Fantasy league was when Julio Jones or Roddy White were hurt.

Fantasy Implications

I can’t see justifying any reason to draft Nicks in 2015 Fantasy Football leagues. Even if he does have something left in the tank, how many targets can he really see in a game? Who is going throw him the ball?

Save a pick, and if you really want to draft a player who catches passes on the Titans, draft Walker.

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