What if the Characters from Entourage Drafted a Fantasy Football Team?

I normally get down to brass tax when it comes to fantasy football, but I decided to do something a little different with the release of Entourage.

I’ve known that Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) is a big fan of fantasy football, so I thought it would be fun to envision what might happen in a fantasy football league consisting of Vince, Eric, Johnny Drama and Turtle.

Eric’s Draft

Eric (also known as E) would select the rational choice of value based drafting. With this draft strategy, you select the best player on the board, regardless of position. For an extreme example, you might not think there is a big difference between Ryan Tannehill and Eli Manning, but there is a huge difference between Mike Evans and Dwayne Bowe. Even if you needed a quarterback, you would still draft Evans because of the insane value he presents in that situation.

While this strategy is relatively sound when you trust your own judgement, E is filled with self doubt. He just had a fight with Sloan who told him fantasy football is childish, and Turtle claims to have an unbeatable strategy. He second guesses himself the entire draft, and ends up with a team he doesn’t like.

E is known for being a beast on the waiver wire, however, so all is not lost. He reconciles with Sloan, and isn’t impressed with Turtle’s draft.

Turtle’s Draft

After spending all summer researching strategies, Turtle decides to implement the Zero Running Back Strategy for his draft with the boys. With this plan, Turtle drafts wide receivers in rounds 1-4, and focuses on adding running backs later. While E is well known for his talent on the waiver wire, Turtle will be locked in on finding up-and-coming backs on waivers throughout the season.

The gang is confused by Turtle’s picks, and everyone calls him an idiot because he can only start two wide receivers. He smirks to himself, knowing he finished with an amazing draft. Turtle can’t wait to wear the $100,000 belt Vince bought for the champion.

Johnny Drama’s Draft

Johnny Drama is normally the laughing stock of the league, so he spies on Turtle to see what his strategy will be for the draft. From his snooping, Drama finds out that Turtle is planning to use the Zero Running Back Strategy. Unfortunately for Johnny, he doesn’t spend enough time actually learning what the Zero Running Back Strategy actually consists of.

Drama does not draft a single running back in his league until he is forced to in the last two rounds.

Vince’s Draft

Vince misses the draft and his entire team is auto drafted. He ends up winning the league.

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