The Smart Fantasy Football Investor: 2015 Edition

Whether you are a financial guru or don’t even know how to read a stock ticker, understanding financial investment strategies can help you improve your Fantasy Football skills in 2015.

Outside of my own personal research, I have very little experience in the stock market. Before I made my first investments, however, I realized that a lot of the concepts and principles of successful investors were concepts and principles I personally used in my own Fantasy Football leagues!

When I first started playing Fantasy Football, I really struggled with identifying risk. It always seemed that I selected the wrong players in my early rounds, and I had to fight to survive through waivers. This really did help my waiver wire skills, but I needed to put myself in a better position at the start of each season.

Slowly, I learned the type of players who were worth taking a chance on and those who weren’t. I also learned how to spot value in the later parts of my draft, and my improved skills were one of the reasons I was a top-40 finisher in the 2014 RotowBowl. While everyone else avoided Rob Gronkowski, I drafted him in Round 3 and backed him up with Greg Olsen. Fantasy players wouldn’t draft Arian Foster even if you paid them to in 2014, so I was able to land him in Round 4. I also thought Andrew Luck was greatly undervalued, and selected him in Round 5.

In my latest ebook, “The Smart Fantasy Football Investor: 2015 Edition,” I place a huge focus on correctly identifying the risks you should avoid. While I discuss specific players to watch in 2015, my hope is that you can apply these concepts throughout your Fantasy Football career.

I understand that those who aren’t into investing can find the concepts and terminology of the stock market confusing, but I present everything in an easy and straightforward manner.

Thanks for checking out my latest ebook. If you need help preparing for your 2015 Fantasy Football league, connect with me on Twitter or like the Facebook page to post a question for all of the staff writers.

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