Tom Brady to Start Week 1

The saga of Deflate gate is over. Tom Brady will be the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 1 of the 2015 NFL season.

What should fantasy football players take away from this immediate news? It seemed that in a lot of the drafts I was participating in, the value of Rob Gronkowski was starting to slide. When I say slide, I mean that he went from going in Round 1 to falling at the start of Round 2, but that’s still a significant shift. He’s the healthiest he has been in recent memory to start a season, but you obviously want Brady throwing passes to him over second-year quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This move will restore confidence in Gronk owners, as well as those who still need to draft.

Secondly, Brady’s value will also most likely see a boost. It’s relevant to argue how much he can really contribute to your team as his touchdown production has trended lower since 2012, but he’s generally a safe bet to finish in the top 10. Don’t expect him to be as cheap moving forward.

The first game of the season also has one of the highest over/under totals of any game in Week 1 for players interested in daily games on DraftKings. What this means is that the Patriots are expected to score a lot of points. The Steelers already have a depleted defense entering the season, and Brady is going to have a lot of steam to blow off after his hearings.

This may change a few lineups for daily players, but Gronk owners in season long leagues are some of the biggest benefactors of Brady being able to start in Week 1.

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