2016 Fantasy Football: Ezekiel Elliott Stats

You are going to hear a lot about Ezekiel Elliott and the 2016 Fantasy Football season.

By August, you won’t be able to stand it.I have to admit that I’ve already broken down if Elliott will be in a running back committee, and I’ve also looked at Elliott’s Fantasy strength of schedule.

As I said before, though, I think this year the running back market has a lot of question marks. I’m going to touch on that in a later post, but I wanted to take time now to look at Elliott’s stats from college.

If you aren’t a big college football fan, this will help understand why the Dallas Cowboys selected him so early in the 2016 NFL Draft and what all the hype is about.

Ezekiel Elliott 2013 Stats

In 2013, Elliott didn’t have much of an impact with Ohio State. At the time, Elliott was buried behind Carlos Hyde and quarterback Braxton Miller ate up a lot of carries.

Hyde and Miller combined for 379 carries, leaving Elliott with just 30. He finished the season with 262 rushing yards and two rushing touchdowns.

As a receiver, he caught three passes for 23 yards. He also recorded a touchdown reception.

Not a lot to see here folks. Let’s move on…

Ezekiel Elliott 2014 Stats

With Hyde out of the way, Elliott had a chance to make a bigger impact in 2014.

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On 273 carries, he recorded 1,878 rushing yards and scored 18 rushing touchdowns. He amassed an incredible 6.9 YPC, and he was also productive as a receiver.

Elliott hauled in 28 passes in 2014, recording 202 receiving yards along the way. He didn’t catch any touchdown passes.

His rushing totals were so strong, though, that it was going to be hard to top for the 2015 season. And that’s exactly what happened…

Ezekiel Elliot 2015 Stats

It’s tough to improve on 1,878 rushing yards.

Elliott carried the ball 289 times in 2015 (16 more carries than in 2014), but he finished with 1,821 rushing yards (67 fewer rushing yards). He still managed an incredible 6.3 YPC, and he also scored 23 rushing touchdowns.

He didn’t excel as a receiver in 2015, but he still managed to catch 27 passes. Elliott finished 2015 with 206 receiving yards.

2016 Fantasy Football: Ezekiel Elliott

So now that you see Elliott’s impressive stats, it’s easy to understand why Dallas drafted him so early despite a full depth chart.

Some Fantasy players are worried that Elliott had too large of a workload over the last two seasons, but keep in mind that he is still just 20 years old.

As the season gets closer, the staff of Your Fantasy Football Coach will have extensive coverage of Elliott, and all the players you want more information on for the 2016 Fantasy Football season.

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