Streaming Quarterbacks in the 2016 Fantasy Football Playoffs

In Week 9, I picked up Colin Kaepernick in one of my leagues and started him over Blake Bortles.

That’s because Kaepernick had a great matchup against the New Orleans Saints, a team that currently allows the 11th-most Fantasy points per game to quarterbacks.

I also started Kaepernick at Fantasy Draft, and he helped me win $225 and net a $125 profit.



RANK: 32


PTS: 185.12


Colin Kaepernick $11,100 8% Saints 41 @ 49ers 23
398 PaYds, 2 PaTD,
300+Pass, 1 INT…

Ezekiel Elliott $14,900 68% Cowboys 35 @ Browns 10
92 RuYds, 2 RuTD, 1 Rec,
5 RecYds

Darren Sproles $7,700 7% Eagles 23 @ Giants 28
57 RuYds, 3 Rec,
14 RecYds

Stefon Diggs $11,000 11% Lions 22 @ Vikings 16
12 RuYds, 13 Rec,
80 RecYds

Mike Wallace $10,500 1% Steelers 14 @ Ravens 21
4 Rec, 124 RecYds,
1 RecTD, 100+Rec

Greg Olsen $11,600 11% Panthers 13 @ Rams 10
5 Rec, 52 RecYds,
1 RecTD

T.Y. Hilton $14,300 19% Colts 31 @ Packers 26
6 Rec, 82 RecYds 14.20

Melvin Gordon $12,000 23% Titans 35 @ Chargers 43
196 RuYds, 1 RuTD,
100+Rush, 4 Rec…

Dallas Cowboys $6,700 4% Cowboys 35 @ Browns 10
4 SACK, 10 PA 8.00

Thanks Kap!

He has a tough matchup against the Arizona Cardinals in Week 10, so I promptly dropped him.

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But this made me start looking ahead to the 2016 Fantasy Football playoffs. What quarterbacks are worth targeting to stream in the final two weeks of the season?

I see two right now.

One of them is Kaepernick. The other is Dak Prescott.

After his performance against the Cleveland Browns, Prescott is a hot commodity and is probably not available.But he is someone to keep in mind in DFS.

If you have a quarterback like Matt Ryan, or Drew Brees, you aren’t going to sit them for Kaepernick or Prescott in your season long leagues.

But if you’re someone like me who has Bortles or Eli Manning, you may want to look at ways to maximize your upside at quarterback.

Kaepernick has one of the best schedules for the 2016 Fantasy Football playoffs.

In Week 15, he squares off against the Atlanta Falcons. Right now, the Falcons allow the most Fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. In Week 9, Jameis Winston had a solid game against Atlanta, throwing for 261 yards and three touchdowns.

Embed from Getty Images

He also has a solid matchup in Week 16 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

The Buccaneers are allowing the fifth-most Fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. Ryan just destroyed this team in Week 9 with 344 passing yards and four touchdown passes. Before that, Derek Carr thew for 513 yards and five touchdown passes.

The other important thing to note is the 49ers will not make the playoffs, so the 49ers have no reason to take it easy or sit Kaepernick  unless he is hurt. It’s always a pain in the Fantasy playoffs when you have a great quarterback, but the team is going to make the NFL playoffs and either sits him or goes easy against the other team.

You won’t have to worry about that with Kaepernick.

In Week 15, the Cowboys will play Tampa Bay, and you already know that Prescott should put up a lot of Fantasy points in that game.

But his Week 16 game is even better…

The Cowboys will square off against the Detroit Lions in Week 16. The Lions are allowing the third-most fantasy points per game to quarterbacks. Even a struggling Sam Bradford was able to just complete 31 of 40 passes against this struggling defense.

As I mentioned earlier, Prescott is most likely off the waiver wire unless you have a really small league or your league has a small bench. The contrarian move here is to add Tony Romo to your bench soon if Prescott gets hurt or struggles for any reason.

Embed from Getty Images

If Prescott struggles leading up to the playoffs, the Cowboys may look to put the ball in the veteran quarterback’s hands.

I would add Prescott now if he’s on waivers. But I would hold off on adding Kaepernick. Wait until Week 13 or Week 14 before adding him. If your opponents are constantly tinkering with their lineups, you may want to add him sooner than later.

If you have any questions before the 2016 Fantasy Football playoffs, feel free to hit me up on Twitter. For a more detailed response, shoot me an email.

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