The End of My 2016 Fantasy Football Playoff Run

Last night, I was guaranteed to win at least $250 or an entry into the Scout Online Championship for 2017.

The top prize for my league was $1,500 or an entry valued at $1,750 into Scout’s World Championship. But because I was down 29.18 with only Ezekiel Elliott left to go, I knew it was a long shot for me to win the league.

However, when you have a back like Zeke, there’s always a glimmer of hope.

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I was worried that he would be rested if Dallas jumped out to an early lead. But Matthew Stafford and the Detroit Lions looked good to start the game, and it appeared it would go back and forth.

Zeke busted out a 55-yard touchdown run in the first quarter, which I hoped was a sign of more big runs to come. By half time, my 29.18-point deficit was cut down to 13.68 Fantasy points.

It still seemed like a long shot, but it was more attainable than the 29.18 points I originally needed.

Then, I only needed 6.9 Fantasy points to win. If he could catch a pass and score one more touchdown, I would win.

But that’s not what happened…

With the lead secured, Darren McFadden was on the field and Zeke was on the bench.

It sucked to lose like that. But what really sucked was I started Doug Martin, who was a healthy scratch. It was my fault for not checking the news before the game, even though it was a surprise he wasn’t going to play.

At the last minute, I could have switched him out with Anquan Boldin. I could have also sat Kenny Britt in favor of Marqise Lee.

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I would have won either way by making those moves.

If I look back even further, I would have won the league if Le’Veon Bell didn’t have his crazy 51-point performance in Week 14.

The loss stings. By switching out just one player, or if Bell had only scored 40 points instead of 51 points, I could have won $1,500 instead of $250.

Of course, I can’t go back in time. And pouting or complaining about it isn’t going to change the fact I lost fair and square. When you lose, you go back to the drawing board and figure out how to win next time.

This was a damn scrappy team, and I’m still proud I was able to have a 10-win season.

Shortly, I’m going to publish an ebook that reviews this team. It’s good to look back at what went right during a Fantasy Football draft and the season. But, I’m also going to review a team that only had a 4-win season in the ebook.

You often learn more from what went wrong.

I hope you took down your 2016 Fantasy Football championship. But if you didn’t make the playoffs this year or were just a little short of winning the championship like me, let’s get after it in 2017.


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