2018 Fantasy Football ebook

Each season, I try to create at least one Fantasy Football ebook.

If you see the prices, you know I’m not getting rich off it.

I do it because I love Fantasy Football and want to help players win there leagues.

For this year, I created, “Welcome to the 2018 Fantasy Football Season.” In it, I take a look at each team.

I only focus on the players and situations worth watching.

I’m not going to give you 30 reasons to draft Antonio Brown. He’s a beast.

Draft him if you want to.

Instead, I focus on situations like in Tampa Bay with the backfield. Yes, a lot of Fantasy players will draft Ronald Jones, but you can see why I’d rather roll the dice on Peyton Barber.

Aside from regular drafts, I also include what I think players should do in MFL10s.

So if you want to start preparing for your league now and get an edge over your opponents, check out my ebook.



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