Fantasy Football: All Bye Week Team


You always hear in July and the beginning of August people calling in to fantasy football shows and asking about selecting a team where the players all have their bye week the same week. Every single time the hosts tell people not to do it, and I firmly agree, but I was always curious if there was anybody whoever went out and did it, and if they did do it, how did their season turn out?

Well my friends, not only do my starters have a bye in week 8, but all my bench players do as well. I don’t know anyone in this league and it was done just for my own personal research and fun. I could have created such a monster lineup had I not gone with this strategy(Greg Olsen in the first round), and I may have better results because of the poor drafting in this league, but I still feel that I have a pretty solid team that is going to make a run for it. If wide receivers and qb can get me average points, I think my running backs will destroy anyone I am facing.

So after only selecting players who have the same exact bye week, here is what my team looks like.

QB Matt Schaub, Hou QB
RB Ray Rice, Bal RB
RB Matt Forte, Chi RB
WR Torrey Smith, Bal WR  P
WR T.Y. Hilton, Ind WR
TE Owen Daniels, Hou TE
FLEX Chris Johnson, Ten RB  
D/ST Ravens D/ST D/ST  
K Randy Bullock, Hou K

For a standard fantasy football draft I would say that this team is decent. I am not in love with my quarterback or wide receivers, but my wide receivers do have a lot of upside and if my running backs can stay healthy, I really do think I have a chance of grabbing a playoff spot.

As I said my bench all have their bye games in week 8, so this is what my bench looks like.

Bench Ryan Mathews, SD RB
Bench Vick Ballard, Ind RB  
Bench Kenny Britt, Ten WR  P  
Bench Ben Tate, Hou RB
Bench DeAndre Hopkins, Hou WR  Q  
Bench Darrius Heyward-Bey, Ind WR
Bench Ed Dickson, Bal TE  P

Not a ton of depth, but not too bad. I would like to do three or four more of these type of draft strategies to get a better average of how having all your players have a bye on the same week really works out, but I am just going to do this one for now.

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  1. I think my week 8 is going to be a lost cause as well. Both of my starting RBs are on byes that week, so is my 3rd best RB and my TE. I may just eat the loss though and not worry about making trades or pick up someone from waivers. I guess it will depend on injuries and performance. Good luck w/ your experiment.

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