Rookie Wide Receivers: Who To Pick


Most people make the mistake of completely avoiding rookie players or they fill their bench with them. I think the best strategy is to look into getting one or two rookies before your draft starts, and if you can get them at a good value then you pick them up.

Kenbrell Thompkins actually went undrafted in my league, and I think he is going to have a great year with the Patriots. Danny Amendola has a hard time staying healthy, and Brady is going to need someone to throw it to. Thompkins had a great preseason, and anytime Tom Brady is throwing you the ball I don’t mind having you on my team.

I actually drafted DeAndre Hopkins in the 11th round, but after his concussion I dropped him and picked up Kenbrell Thompkins. I still like Hopkins, but my bench is too deep to have both Hopkins and Thompkins on it. If Andre Johnson or Arian Foster is hurt, it means that Hopkins stands a chance these season to be Houston’s #1 wide receiver on a team that may be forced to pass more.

I wouldn’t take either of these guys before the 11th round, but they are two rookies that are great pick ups for this year.

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  1. I think Kenbrell Thompkins could have a big year if Danny Amendola does go down. Either way, a WR on the Patriots is most likely going to be made to look a lot better than they are with Brady throwing to them.

  2. Rookie WRs worth very late-round fliers: Cordarrelle Patterson (Minnesota), Aldrick Robinson (Washington), Robert Woods (Buffalo). One of those guys is going to pop and have a great year.

    • There is def. talent there but not sure if they are worth picking up. I would let them sit on the waiver wire and see how they do. They all have issues of who is going to throw to them because of quarterback injuries or talent concerns. Robinson has the best chance of being the most productive this season, but he also has more competition. I like Alshon Jeffrey on the Bears on the Bears as a later round pickup.

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