The Importance of Fantasy Mock Drafts


I would normally do 12 mock drafts before I drafted each, one with each positional pick(I would mock draft as if I had the first pick, second pick, etc.). I would focus on how I would get at each pick which is important. What I never really focused on what round the player was being drafted. This year I probably did about 60 mock drafts, focusing on being at the begging, middle, and end of the draft as opposed to just focusing on the specific draft positions. While you are probably going to have a couple people go on autodraft and the pics aren’t always serious, you can get a decent feel for how your real draft will go.

I like Reggie Bush, and was being picked up in most of my drafts in the 4th and 5th round. As the preseason went on, he was being picked up 3rd and 4th. In my moeny league quarterbacks were going fast and furious, so that means guys like Chris Johnson, MJD, Frank Gore, etc were available in the third round. While I like Reggie, I don’t like him above any of the guys listed above. I took MJD in the third, and Reggie was drafted in the beginning of the fourth. Had most of the running backs come off the board, I would have taken Bush there because I knew he would be scooped up soon.

I also saw things like Josh Gordon going in the 10th round because of his suspension, so I knew I could get a decent WR2/WR3 in the later rounds.

Success comes from preparation meeting opportunity, and one of the best ways to prepare yourself is through mock drafts.


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