Defense: Five Fantasy Week 1 Sleepers


A lot of people will make predictions and then bank off of the ones they got right to try and prove why you should listen to them. They don’t really let you know about the wrong picks they make, but they also don’t let you know what their percentage of wins vs losses really is. If you called the biggest upset of all time but were wrong about the nine other games you predicted, I would rather listen to a guy who was right 7 out of tens times and was wrong on the upset game. After each week I will review my predictions and see how they did compared to the rest of the players in the NFL.

These defensive picks are based  on week to week play, and they can be useful if your team has a bye week or you don’t have the strongest of defenses.

Steelers vs Titans: Steelers– If Chris Johnson “isn’t back” as a lot of people are predicting and hoping, that will force Jake Locker to throw. If you want to win a game, you don’t want Jake Locker to throw.

Buccaneers vs Jets: Buccaneers– I went to WVU and I am a huge supporter of any of the guys who make it to the NFL from WVU, but Geno Smith is not RG3. He has a ton of pressure to perform right out of the gate, poor receiving options, and let us not forget that it is his first real NFL game. I really hope he can get off to a great start, but the odds are staggered against him and if things get ugly early I think the Bucs will have a field day on defense.

Jaguars vs Kansas City: Kansas City– Justin Blackmon is out for four games, and when you are hoping that Blaine Gabbert can start for you, you know you are in trouble. This game will be a slop fest and the Chiefs should find success in week one.

Dolphins vs Browns: Dolphins- The Dolphins defense surprisingly finished 7th last year in both sacks and points allowed. The Browns seem to be looking a little more vertical in the preseason, but they still have Weeden throwing the ball to an unproven Jordan Cameron and won’t have Josh Gordon until week 3. If I would ever want to start the Dolphins, this would be the week.

Colts vs Raiders: Colts- While the offense made some great strides last year, the defensive play was a little shaky. Last year, the Colts defense scored 20 points against the Jaguars, and 17 points against the Chiefs in ESPN standard scoring. They are able to step it up when they are playing lesser opponents, and they should do the same against Oakland for their season opener.

Picks: Steelers, Buccaneers, Kansas City, Dolphins, Colts

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  1. Great picks for week 1. Some are not gimmes either. All make since…4/5 or 5/5 and you gotta makes these picks each week

    • Yea I think they will help out more when people have bye weeks, but I also want people to see that if you look at the matchups you can find some gems.I picked up anyone who was playing against the Cardinals a lot on waivers last year and that worked out pretty well!

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