Fantasy Football Week 1: Five Bold Predictions


Five bold predictions to start off the season

1. Kenbrell Thompkins goes for over 100 yards with two touchdowns. I think people are under estimating the Patriots offense and Belichick’s ability to turn guys into household names. I like Amendola, but I don’t think he will be able to stay healthy. Until Gronk comes back, Thompkins is going to be the man in New England.

2. DeAndre Hopkins will score more fantasy points than Andre Johnson. Hopkins has passed his concussion tests and should be ready to go in week 1. The Texans should slaughter the Chargers, so it will depend how much they want to ease Hopkins into the game. If he is good to go and will play the whole game, he will be targeted in the endzone and score more points than Johnson.

3. Chris Johnson will rush for less than forty yards. This is a game where Johnson is going to go off or he will be head in check. I don’t see any inbetween here. He may get a rushing touchdown, but I have a feeling that Johnson will once again leave owners sick to their stomachs for picking him.

4. Texans Defense will score 30 points or more. This could just be me hoping for some revenge for drafting Phillip Rivers the last two years as my starting QB, but the Texans D should have a huge day. Rivers will throw at least two interceptions, Matthews will fumble at least once, and the Texans defense will have a great fantasy day.

5. Terrelle Pyror is a top eight fantasy quarterback. Banking on rushing yards and hoping for limited turnovers for this prediction.

Will these predictions come true? Only time will tell!

Captain Jack

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