Review of Week 1 Fantasy Defense Sleepers


So to review from my “Five Fantasy Week 1 Sleepers” post, I picked the Chiefs, Dolphins, Bucs, Steelers, and Colts as defensive sleepers that you could play for week 1. So I don’t have to sound repetitive, these point totals are from ESPN standard scoring leagues.

Chiefs: I feel like Jack Black in Tenacious D’s “Tribute” song when he is talking to the devil. Devil:Be you angels? Jack Black: Nay, we are but men! I did predict the number one defense in week one as my sleeper, but I assure you I am only a man and do not have any knowledge of fortune telling. The Chiefs ended up in first for defenses in week 1 with 23 points. They have a tough match up against Dallas in week 2, so we will see if this is a team you can roll with each week.

Dolphins: Third in scoring for defenses with 17 points this week.

Buccaneers: Ok. Tampa Bay ended up in 13th place with 9 points, but if they didn’t have that stupid late hit penalty on Geno Smith, Geno would have been forced to throw a Hail Mary which probably would have been intercepted. Even without an interception, the Bucs would have been a top ten defense in week 1 without that penalty which allowed for the late field goal against them.

Steelers: Pittsburgh did only allow 16 points, but it didn’t create any turnovers. The Steelers finished with 6 points and just missed being a top twenty defense in week 1. As the Broncos were 11th in fantasy scoring and only scored 9 points, if one or two things had gone the Steelers way, it could have finished as a top-10 defense.

Colts: Finishing just 1 point behind the Steelers, the Colts did have some interceptions, but Pryor gashed them on the ground, and they almost gave up 400 yards of total offense from the Raiders. I think there are few people who would have suspected that Pyror would only have two turnovers and have over 100 yards rushing, but it still looks like the Colts defense has some fine tuning to do.

So for week 1, two of my picks were in the top three, one was 13th(and should have been in the top ten if it wasn’t for that dumb penalty), and two picks were below the top twenty.

Picking three defenses that remained pretty much undrafted in most leagues that ended up in the top 15 this week is pretty redonk, so I am pretty happy with myself. I will look at Week 2 to make my sleeper defense picks.


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