Week One Fantasy Football Results: Two Wide Receiver Same Team Strategy


Two damn receivers at the same damn time! I drafted three teams who have two elite wide receivers: Roddy White and Julio Jones, Demayrius Thomas and Wes Welker, and Randal Cobb and James Jones. Here are how my teams are looking leading into Monday night.

Randal Cobb and James Jones

QB Andrew Luck, Ind QB W 21-17 24
RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB L 24-34 28
RB David Wilson, NYG RB » 17-27 1:44 3rd -3
WR Randall Cobb, GB WR L 28-34 16
WR James Jones, GB WR L 28-34 0
TE Jordan Cameron, Cle TE  P L 10-23 16
FLEX Reggie Bush, Det RB W 34-24 25
D/ST Packers D/ST D/ST L 28-34 -4
K Mike Nugent, Cin K L 21-24 3
Total Points 105: My opponent currently has 83 points and has De’Sean Jackson left on his bench, so unless he goes nuts I should be able to win this one. It is a little worrisome that James Jones did absolutely nothing but hopefully this is a one game fluke and will not become a trend.
Julio Jones and Roddy White
QB Andrew Luck, Ind QB W 21-17 24
RB Adrian Peterson, Min RB L 24-34 28
RB Reggie Bush, Det RB W 34-24 25
WR Julio Jones, Atl WR L 17-23 11
WR Roddy White, Atl WR  P L 17-23 1
TE Zach Sudfeld, NE TE W 23-21 0
FLEX Giovani Bernard, Cin RB L 21-24 2
D/ST Bengals D/ST D/ST L 21-24 2
K Steven Hauschka, Sea K W 12-7 7
100 Total Points: Roddy and Julio didn’t turn in great performances and their schedule isn’t going to get much easier, but they still should put ot some strong performances. My opponent has 80 points and has Owen Daniels left. He had Peyton Manning which looked devastating to begin with, but the rest of my team rallied to put up a strong performance. My two wide receiver draft strategies have allowed me to pick up great players in later rounds like Bush and Andrew Luck. The biggest advantage of a two wide receiver draft strategy so far has been the advantage to get these type of players who can win you championships at a cheaper price.
Demayrius Thomas and Wes Welker
QB Russell Wilson, Sea QB W 12-7 14
RB C.J. Spiller, Buf RB L 21-23 3
RB Reggie Bush, Det RB W 34-24 25
WR Demaryius Thomas, Den WR W 49-27 28
WR Wes Welker, Den WR  P W 49-27 16
TE Brandon Pettigrew, Det TE W 34-24 -2
FLEX Rashard Mendenhall, Ari RB  P L 24-27 6
D/ST Ravens D/ST D/ST L 27-49 -6
K Steven Hauschka, Sea K W 12-7 7
Total 91 Points: My opponent has 119 points and I won’t win this game, but I am pretty excited about this team. I have Gronk, so as soon as he is healthy and if Spiller and Wilson can step it up, this team could drop some big points each week.
So far this draft strategy has the best record.

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