3 Players To Avoid In Week 1 Review


In my players to avoid in week 1 review, I said to avoid Ronnie HIllman, Mikel Le’Shoure, and Shane Vereen.

ESPN Standard Scoring

Hillman-3 points

Mikel Le’Shoure- 0 points(healthy scratch)

Shane Vereen-15 points

So aside from Vereen, if you have these players or even played them, you need to look into dropping them. You may be able to trade Hillman to a Montee Ball owner who doesn’t believe in Moreno, but you should look into getting them off your team. Vereen would have most likely finished the day between 5-8 points if Ridley had not fumbled in the second half, so those of you who started him lucked out. Now that he is most likely out until week 10, you need to look into other options.

On Thursday I will provide my Week 2 Who To Avoid Column.

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