5 Waiver Wire Pickups Week 2


Here are some gems with some great matchups! Get them now!

1. Kenbrell Thompkins(WR): Amendola looks like he is sitting out Thursday against the Jets, and Shane Vereen looks like he will be out until week 10. In their first game, Amendola was targeted 14 times and Vereen was targeted 10, while Thompkins tied Amendola with 14 targets of his own. Julian Edelman received most of his value through his touchdown, but he was targeted less than Vereen(9 times). I think this is going to be a break out week for Thompkins and he is a must start.

2. Knowshon Moreno(RB)- Ronnie Hillman is a non issue, and Montee Ball could not protect Peyton. I think a majority of people have forget about Knowshon’s abilities. When he is healthy, he can create some big plays and is a solid pass catcher and more importantly, a solid blocker. After that touchdown clinic Peyton put on, the Broncos are going to make sure that Peyton doesn’t even the slightest chance of taken a big hit.

3. Marlon Brown(WR)- Jacoby Jones was never a true #2 wide receiver, but he also didn’t get much of a chance to prove himself. Marlon had a strong preseason, and Torrey Smith can’t catch all the passes. The Ravens have a tough schedule this year, but just like Torrey Smith, you can find weeks to plug in Brown.

4. Rueben Randle(WR)- Hakeem Knicks just looks slow, and it could only be a matter of time before he is injured again. Victor Cruz is able to separate himself the best of all the Giant receivers, but Manning is going to need some consistency. At 6’2 and over 200 pounds, Randle has a good combination of size and speed. With David Wilson struggling, the Giants may be looking to pass when they get in the end zone, and they need a big physical receiver to get them some touchdowns. 

5. Sam Bradford(QB)- Bradford has a tough schedule coming up, but he also has some of the beast weapons he has ever had in his career with the Rams. If you have a weaker quarterback, Bradford could be a great option to plug in whenever he has a good matchup. 

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  1. Ruben Randle is a great call. Nicks seems all but checked out and cant shake injuries and Cruz is a slot receiver (darn good one too!) Randle should emerge as the outside threat.

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