Why Did I Do That: Who To Avoid In Week 2


Three players to avoid in week 2

1. Dwayne Bowe- Cowboys have an improved defense and are much better than the Jaguars, Alex Smith is more of a game manager, and Charles will be the focal point of the offense on Sunday. All of these things sound like common sense, so of course the exact opposite is probably going to happen and Bowe will have 200 yard receiving day with three touchdowns. Smith only threw for 173 yards in week one, and the past couple of years Bowe’s production has mainly come from garbage time when the Chiefs were down and threw up hail marys. He won’t have the yards to count on, so he is going to become extremely touchdown dependent to make an impact for fantasy owners. If he has a good game, sell, sell, sell.

2. Phillip Rivers– I drafted Phillip Rivers the past three years and he has provided me with nothing but heartbreak. Every year I thought he was going to treat me better, but he never did. Yes, the touchdowns were nice last week. Did you also notice that he didn’t even complete half his passes? The fast and furious pace of the Eagles D should disrupt Rivers early and really throw him off for the entire game. Do not start him this week.

3. Nate Burleson- He had a decent day against Minnesota, but even with his 37 yards, Calvin Johnson received the most targets and is still the man in Detroit. Expect a decline for Burleson in week 2.

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