Week 2 Review of 5 Defensive Sleepers


My review of sleepers on defense for week 2. My picks were the Raiders, Eagles, Panthers, Saints, and Colts. *Points are calculated from ESPN standard scoring leagues*

Raiders- Finished 9th with 10 fantasy points. This was mostly a matchup play, so I would expect much from them going forward.

Eagles- Phillip Rivers had made me feel like an idiot for the past three years for drafting him, and when I don’t draft him this year he decides to make me feel even worse by being productive. The Eagles did have two fumble returns, but they ended up with negative 2 points for week 2. Ouch.

Saints– The Saint finished as a top 15 defense, but I liked the fact that Tampa is currently in the middle of some controversy that I figured would distract and hurt their offense. They have had an interception and fumble return in each of their games, so they are improving off of an awful campaign last year.

Panthers- They kept their game close with the Bills, but they let up to many scores and only finished with two fantasy points.

Colts- They finished as a top twenty defense, but they have some difficult match ups coming up. They play the Jaguars in week 4 though, so they are a must start then.

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  1. Whoever plays thenJags should be the number defense for the week lol

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