Week 5 Bye Week Fill Ins


Minnesota Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, and Washington all have bye weeks this week and even though there are only probably 1-2 players who are owned on each team, the players who are owned are normally must starts in every league. If you need a bye week filler for Week 5, check these available players below.

If you normally play RG3 and are trying to find some warm body to start at Quarterback, Brian Hoyer is only owned in 1.2% of ESPN leagues and has scored 18 fantasy points in Week 3 and Week 4. The Bills did record 5 interceptions against the Ravens, but it looked more like Joe Flacco was helping the Bills rather than the Bills playing super inspired defense. Hoyer was more in control of his passes against Cincinnati, and he finished the day  with two touchdown passes and 0 interceptions thrown.

It may make you shed a single tear to see Adrian Peterson on your bench this week, but you do have a few options to try and plug someone in at running back. LeGarrette Blount has finished back to back weeks with over 60 yards rushing, and he capped off his night with a touchdown against Atlanta. Stevan Ridley had a chance to cement his role in the offense when he went in for a goal line carry, but he was stuffed and could not get the ball in the end zone. He is currently owned in 2.2% of ESPN leagues(which will probably drastically change this week), so if you need another option at running back, make sure to put in your bid for Blount in Week 5.

There are a few interesting options at wide receiver, and you can look at bye week filler from two perspectives. The first perspective I support is trying to find the person who will get you close to what your starter normally score. Marlon Brown is owned in less  than 10% of leagues, but he has three touchdowns in four weeks. Michael Floyd is starting to see an increase and targets, and he has a good matchup against the Panthers in Week 5. Those are two players who should be able to get you between 6-10 fantasy points if you are in a bind, and they are on the safer side for your bye week fillers. The second perspective would be that if you don’t have anyone who could fill in for your starter because of injuries, bad matchups, poor performances, or whatever reason, you could go a little crazy and just pick up a guy who has a chance to put up some major points, but that will most likely only get you 2-3.  Ryan Broyles should have a bounce back week which could be a huge, and Robert Woods  could become a fantasy stud for the second straight week in a row.

Colby Fleener. Tight end. Colts. Grab him. He may become your new starter anyway.

I’m assuming no one starts any of these defenses, so check out my Week 5 Fantasy Defense Sleepers on Wednesday to find some nice matchups.

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