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Dwayne Bowe is on the island of Misfit Wide Receivers right now. If you have Dwayne Bowe, on every Sunday around 12:00pm, your headache probably starts. You debate having him as your wide receiver 2, you debate having him as your flex, and when you do bench him he actually does something. Many analysts are predicting that he will have a good game against the Raiders, and if he does, make sure you trade him.

Surprisingly, Bowe is normally receiving the second most targets for the Chiefs. Unsurprisingly, Alex Smith is a game manager and he is known to favorite tight ends and running backs for passing targets. Against Jacksonville, Bowe was tied for the most targets with Jamaal Charles. In week 2, he had the second most targets with 8, and Jamaal Charles finished first with 10. In week three he was barely involved with three targets and one catch for 4 yards. In week four Bowe had the third most targets with 7 against a lowly Giants defense, and in week 5, Bowe tied tight end McGrath for the second most targets. Jamaal Charles had the most targets in week 5. So if you look at the targets, he has never received the most targets by himself, and he normally only receives the second-third most targets.

From weeks 1-5, Alex Smith has thrown for 173 yards, 223 yards, 273 yards, 288 yards, and 245 yards. From these numbers, it is highly unlikely that Bowe is going to receive over 100 yards for the rest of the season, so that means that Bowe’s production is going to depend on receiving touchdowns. Alex Smith has thrown for 7 touchdowns this year, so that means he is throwing about 1.4 touchdowns a game. I don’t like any of these numbers.

If Bowe has a great game this week, look at the guy who had Julio Jones. Even if he doesn’t have a great game, you need to scout all the teams in your league to figure out what you can trade Bowe for.

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  1. Dwayne Bowe and Danny Amendola are giving me migraines…

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