Nick Foles vs Mike Glennon


I saw some highlights and saw the fantasy output from Nick Foles, but I still wanted to make sure that I watched the game to get the full picture of what the future fantasy production from Foles and the rest of the Eagles may look like.

Like I said in my article on October 8th ( ), McCoy should still put up great fantasy numbers no matter who his quarterback is. Shady kept the offense moving, and he finished the day with 116 yards rushing on 25 attempts and caught two passes for 55 yards. He did have one fumble, but he was just rocked between two defensive players and if any other running back could have held onto the ball after being hit like that, I would love to see it.  If he would have had a touchdown that would have been a nice little cherry on top, but he still did well.

Like I said, I wasn’t really worried about Mr.McCoy, but I was worried that Foles and De’Sean Jackson did not have great chemistry. You can read my previous article for the stats, but Jackson and Foles seemed to have some chemistry issues when Foles was the starter last year. In two games, Foles has connected with De’Sean Jackson for three touchdowns so far. Foles had a beautiful 12 yard pass and a 36 yard pass that landed right on the money for Jackson, and everything points to Jackson and Foles being on the same page. I do not have anything to back this up other than pure feeling because the stats speak for themselves, but I just have the feeling that Jackson will not be the favorite receiver of Mr.Foles going forward. Yes, the touchdowns are speaking volumes that he is throwing to Jackson, but from watching the game it looked like he was favoring Riley Cooper. Again, they each finished with the same amount of targets, so there are not any numbers to back this up, but I think with Foles play style that Cooper is going to start to become fantasy relevant. Let me back that up by saying that one of my biggest pet peeves in the fantasy football community is people who just see that someone like Cooper had 18 points and he will then become their sleeper pick for the next week. You actually need to WATCH the games. Vick and Cooper do not have a strong chemistry, so if Vick is the starter than you are not playing Cooper.  You have to watch the games and look at the stats. Brent Celek was only targeted once by Foles, and Vick through most games has been targeting Celek 3-6 times. This is another case where one player may receive more looks from a different quarterback. Sorry for the little tirade, but I just do not want to have fantasy football newcomers fall under this type of thinking or listen to anyone who bases their opinions off of pure points.

Mr.Foles himself played well. When he has time to throw, he almost always connected with a receiver and he isn’t afraid to take a hit. When he doesn’t have time however, it seemed like he was trying to hard to make plays and threw some risky passes. I would say that this may become a big issue, but he is facing Dallas, The Giants, Oakland, and Washington in the next four of the Eagle’s five games. Dallas is currently ranked 30th against the pass, The Giants are 20th, Oakland is 15th, and Washington is 24th, so he does have some very favorable matchups. With his performance against a Tampa defense ranked 15th against the pass and 13th against the run, I think the Eagles turned out a solid effort. With the match ups Foles will be facing in the next couple of weeks, I do not see any reason that he isn’t worth picking up if you have a struggling quarterback right now.

As far as Mike Glennon goes, he was decent. He is most likely not going to become fantasy relevant, but you may have somebody on your team named Vincent Jackson that you either started and felt like this is the guy you drafted, or you were worried about how Glennon would perform and sat Jackson. It doesn’t matter if Jackson is covered by 5 guys, Glennon is going to try to get the ball to Jackson. There may be some adjusting when Mike Williams comes into the lineup, but for right now Jackson is an absolute must start. If teams start picking on Jackson, Tim Wright may be somebody to keep your eye on who finished the day with 7 receptions for 91 yards. Doug Martin had a mediocre day with 67 rushing yards and 24 receiving yards, but if the offense can improve and find consistency under Glennon, then Martin should hopefully see an increase in his fantasy production as well. Other than that, this is a team that is looking for it’s identity, and there wasn’t anything to be overly excited about under the rookie quarterbacks second game.

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