SiriusXM Fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge: Week 6 Results


I put up more points than weeks 2-5 in Week 6 for SiriusXM Fantasy Football Salary Cap Challenge, but I am once again sliding in the rankings. I am currently 21st of 39, and I have slipped behind Pilar Lastra and Lisa Ann in the rankings. Like I said last week, a consistent quarterback who can get you 30-40 points seems to be the key to success, and if Tony Romo had done that for me than I would have put up very respectable numbers. Colby Fleener and Stephen Hill were a little bit of a let down as well, but everyone else performed pretty well. I am going to stick with my plan of building my team around a quarterback for Week 7, and hopefully all my players can come together for a big day.

Romo, Tony DAL QB 11.50
Moreno, Knowshon DEN RB 35.40
Peterson, Adrian MIN RB 11.30
Thomas, Pierre NOS RB 9.00
Hill, Stephen NYJ WR 7.60
Jackson, DeSean PHI WR 24.40
Marshall, Brandon CHI WR 29.70
Fleener, Coby IND TE 4.60
Gould, Robbie CHI PK 12.20
49ers, San Francisco SFO Def 11.00
Total: 156.70

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