Josh Freeman: Vikings New Starting Quarterback


Luckily, Josh Freeman’s first game as starting quarterback for the Vikings will be against the Giants. From a fantasy perspective, you would have to be pretty desperate to start Freeman. He has been on the team for two weeks, he doesn’t have a ton of weapons, and he never really did anything in Tampa to make himself a strong fantasy option. Now he could come out and throw for five touchdowns and 400 yards, but most people know that will not be the case.

I can’t really comment on this until I see him play. I assume he will have just have an ok day, but I have to able to see how he blends with the team. What I would like to comment on though is how this move shows that the Vikings organization is in trouble. If you have more faith in a guy who has been on the team for two weeks, then Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder who have had time to learn the playbook and who have actually played with the team, then you are in trouble. Trent Richardson has had a tough time getting adjusted to the Colts, but can you imagine how difficult it is for a player who is supposed to lead an entire offense to jump into the driver seat after his second week? I think more teams need to be like the Cleveland Browns. Jason Campbell is just not a good quarterback, but yet he still ends up finding a team to play for and will get a few starts with each team. As soon as I heard Brandon Weeden was hurt, I just shook my head since Campbell would be quarterback, but to my surprise Brian Hoyer got the start. If a player can not help your team win, then it does not make sense to start them, and drafting someone like Brandon Weeden was pointless. Any average college football fan could tell you that Weeden would not be a franchise quarterback, but the Brown’s for some reason gave him the reigns of the offense.

If you want to add Freeman to your bench, go for it, but I would wait until Monday to see what he does.

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